Thursday, 18 August 2016

Steampunk Gun Seized by Border Force

On the 23rd of April (2016) I despatched a painted Nerf Rebelle Charmed dauntless Blaster to a customer in Australia I chose "tracked and signed for" for the shipping so I'd know when it got there. It never arrived, Tracking it online only told me that it had got to Heathrow in London then nothing. I contacted Royal Mail who basically just acknowledged that they didn't know what had happened to it. So much for paying extra for tracking.

The customer said they were happy to wait longer as they really liked the gun, fair enough. Royal Mail said I had to wait 25 days to see if it arrived before submitting a claim. As the customer really would rather have the gun than a refund I did my best to paint an exact copy. I posted it on 24th June. By the 21st of July the replacement gun still hadn't turned up! I offered the customer a refund but they said they would wait a while longer Bless them!

On the 31st of July I got an update from the customer, the gun had been seized by Australian Border Force on the grounds of being an "imitation handgun".
The customer submitted a claim for the return of the item on the grounds that the border force description was inaccurate, the claim was upheld, the gun would be delivered.

It finally arrived on the 18th August. (today as I write).

The joys of selling internationally. I've posted lots of guns, scratch built, modified or painted with no problem. I don't think I'll send any more to Australia.

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