Friday, 29 July 2016

Steampunk Pistol Design Exercise.

My latest project has been a design exercise with a long term view to make a set of moulds to cast a steampunk pistol in resin. I had a vague idea of the pistol design and wasn't able to produce acceptable drawings of the idea so I set about making a prototype. I resorted to my usual practice of using whatever came to hand, scraps of MDF, plumbing pipe, modelling clay etc. The quilted leather effect grips were made using DAS air drying clay, I found this very useful on a number of projects, the grips were outlined with copper wire. This was the first attempt or Mkl. I love the triple barrel idea and the grip section, the scroll was along the right lines but a bit clunky.

steampunk pistol triple barrel

This was the Mkll version.
Using the same grip section but with a single large bore barrel and a different scroll which is beginning  to look more like part of a mechanism. I love the barrel, scroll not so much. The new barrel idea set me thinking about a pistol with interchangeable barrels.

steampunk pistol large bore barrel


Using the same barrel as the Mkll , same grip idea as all the others but with a different trigger and with the scrolls on either side looking as if they are part of a barrel break mechanism.

steampunk pistol large bore barrel leather grips

Mklll a.

A refined version of  the Mklll made from hardwood with brass screws and copper barrels. I've gone back to the original Mkl triple barrel idea, the trigger is a slight variation on the theme and of course the grip section remains the same.

steampunk pistol mahogany brass and copper


Back to the single large barrel, the grip section unchanged, new style brass trigger and an actual functioning barrel break mechanism. I'm happy with it on the whole, the embellishment on the grip/stock section was just to fill a space, doesn't look great. The single scroll/barrel support isn't right, I don't like it, I like it being enclosed within the body section.
steampunk pistol

That's it so far. You've probably noticed that I really like the grip section as I've stuck with it throughout. I also like both of the barrel designs, I'd like to make the large bore barrel in either copper or brass.
If I find the time to take it any further I have two favourite options.
1. A pistol with a large bore barrel and a pistol with triple barrels.
2. A pistol with two interchangeable barrels.

I would welcome your thoughts.

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